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Top swimsuits for your shape

Whether you want to cover up, show off a fab figure or get fit in style this summer, we’ll help you find a suit to suit you. If you thought shopping for women’s swimwear was simply about choosing between a bikini or a one-piece, ...

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Your shape sessions: Oblique Exercises

Get your best body ever with these pick ’n’ mix Pilates moves tailored to your natural shape While there are no specific exercises that should or shouldn’t be performed depending on whether you have an apple, pear, hourglass or athletic ...

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‘I Quit My Fitness Tracker—Here’s What Happened’

We all know the myriad benefits of wearing a fitness tracker—like motivation, weight loss, and a connection to a community of like-minded healthy people. But what happens when you stop wearing it? A new study shows that when a user suddenly quits monitoring her workouts, ...

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Kettlebell exercises

Have you tried a kettlebell workout? Try doing these exercises to add variety and get more from your workout The kettlebell craze is continuing to take over the fitness world because of its amazing benefits to overall body strength and conditioning. ‘There’s ...

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5 Tips for Getting Fit with Fido

All is fine on your 5-K—until your corgi decides to chase a squirrel. Here, experts share how to maximize workouts with four-leggers. 1. Get the green light. Check with your vet, as some breeds are better suited for exercise than ...

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