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How to get back into shape after having a baby

Getting into shape is never an easy feat, but it’s even more tricky when you’ve just had a baby. Melinda Nicci, founder of the website and app baby2body.com, shares her tips. Just to note, always make sure to wait until you get ...

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Sore Muscles? What to Know

Whether you’ve recently engaged in a particularly intense workout or just a walk around the neighborhood, many people believe that muscle soreness after such activities is simply the body’s way of saying, “Yay, you worked hard.” Though the sensation is ...

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5 Hydration Myths Busted

After a long winter spent cooped up indoors, summer feels glorious. The sun stays out past 8 p.m., and lazy beach days are socially acceptable, backyard barbecues are a weekend staple and exercise – from youth sports camps to your ...

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The 6 Best Yoga Poses for Fat Loss

When I finished my strenuous athletic career, I was injured and in pain. My normal workout regimen of high-intensity, high-impact exercise was no longer an option. My health quickly started to diminish and, before I knew it, I was 40 ...

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Active pregnancy wear

H&F’s Chief sub Emma is currently pregnant with her second child. She went on the hunt for maternity clothes designed for fitness. Just because you’re pregnant (congratulations, by the way!), it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. In fact, as I’m ...

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How to tone up your back

Say goodbye to annoying back fat… Guilty of neglecting your back muscles? You’re not the only one. We often focus mainly on the muscles we see in the mirror and end up completely forgetting about the ones at the back. While ...

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Simply the best

Hurrah! Renowned yoga teacher Richard Rosen is coming to London If you can’t get to the US for one of the most accomplished teachers around, fret not. Best-selling author and yoga expert Richard Rosen is making a rare appearance at the Camden ...

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