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Ways You Become Less Fit

Aging brings changes, some of them good and others less desirable. You’re certainly wiser at the age of 50 than you were at age 20. Other changes are less advantageous such as a decline in muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. ...

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Can Vitamin D Make You Stronger?

If there’s one vitamin that’s been in the spotlight the past few years, it’s vitamin D. More a hormone than a vitamin, D is best known for its role in bone health. With osteoporosis being so common, maintaining an adequate ...

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Are You Stuck in a Push-Up Rut?

Push-ups – it’s an exercise we love to hate, but one that works a variety of muscle groups. Each time you push your body off the floor against gravity, you work your pecs, triceps, and the muscles in your core. ...

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Step Up Your Pushup Game

Join the Tarryhealth Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count. Thousands of women already have. Join them, and achieve your fitness goals faster! Swiss-ball pushup plus: It’s the most wonderful time ...

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Change your BUTT CHEEKS

While directing a photoshoot for Buzzfeed recently, I realized that a very basic lower body movement, one that I consider to be imperative for proper training, is completely foreign to most people. Many of the models struggled to understand and ...

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Tone your arms

  BARBELL CURL  Technique: – Hold a barbell with both hands. – Keeping your upper arms close to your body, lift the barbell up to your shoulders. – Lower the barbell and repeat. SINGLE-ARM RESISTANCE BAND CURL  Technique: – Stand ...

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How to Add Muscle Mass

Building muscle doesn’t just “happen.” You must force growth by using this proven technique that will add size to any stalled workout program. Beginnings suck. Sure they are exciting — in theory — but learning a new skill or practicing a new ...

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Exercise vs. Diet for Weight Loss

Those of you who are still pissed off at Cranky Fitness for exposing how easy it is to overestimate calories burned by walking may not be happy about some of the information I’m going to discuss in this post. But ...

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