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This is How Fast The Average Woman Runs A Mile

Whether you’re a running newbie or an avid pavement pounder, you’ve likely considered your running pace an important mark of improvement. And if you’ve ever wondered how your mile time compares to other runners’ times, there’s now a solid statistic ...

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Eight reasons to run!

From blitzing fat to boosting defences, it ticks all the boxes As much as we love hardcore gym sessions, the change of seasons provides the chance to challenge ourselves with a whole array of performance goals. There’s nothing like a ...

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10 Running Tips From Real People Who’ve Mastered It

It’s time to pound the pavement. Starting a running routine can seem daunting. After all, what’s more intimidating than hitting your local path and getting passed by everyone? However, the benefits outweigh the discomfort. Research shows the practice can boost ...

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Get virtual with your next challenge

Looking for a new way to push yourself? Mix up your routine with this unique endurance challenge Fancy yourself a bit of a challenge? Here’s one with a twist: The Conqueror Event Series is launching its inaugural UK John O’Groats Virtual ...

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The best running shoes for you

Get race-ready with this selection of running trainers designed to match the type of runner you are. Get race-ready with this selection of running trainers designed to match the type of runner you are. Does it really matter what kind ...

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Get fit for summer

Take your training to the next level and get the body you’ve always wanted Summer is on its way (we hope!). Maybe you’re planning to go away and have been fretting about gaining a few extra pounds around your waistline. ...

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Benefits of Walking Morning

Walk in the morning, an activity that is often performed by each person soulless healthy. How not, the benefits of walking mornings makes people who do feel refreshed because the air supplied is clean and free from pollution. Unfortunately, many ...

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