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What is a “full metal jacket”?

Ask the doctor Q. I heard my cardiologist say to another doctor that I have a “full metal jacket.” What does that mean? A. Cardiologists use the term “full metal jacket” to refer to a long series of stents in one of ...

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Are you prepared for a medical emergency?

Keep important information handy, such as an advance directive, a list of medications, and your emergency contacts. We spend a lot of time trying to stay healthy. We exercise, eat right, and get check-ups and screenings. But how many of ...

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A more precise approach to fighting cancer

Precision medicine offers a personalized approach for prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases. If you have a stomachache or cold, you go to the pharmacy and grab the same remedy that everyone else uses, and it often works. ...

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Are Backyard Chickens Bad for Your Health?

If you keep chickens or other poultry in your backyard, wash your hands after handling them and don’t let them roam in your home. (Getty Images) If you’re thinking of keeping live poultry in your backyard, take care: That fluffy little ...

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What should I do if I feel the flu coming on?

“Feed a cold, starve a fever,” the saying goes. But if you’ve ever been hit with a spout of the flu then you’ll know this old wives’ tale does very little to get you through. Cue a week of being bedridden with roaring temperatures and aching ...

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