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4 Awesome Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Think back to the last time you were in the grocery store. Do you remember walking down the aisle with all of those nutritional supplements? Those brightly colored bottles advertising weight loss, better skin, shinier hair, or the prevention of ...

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Surprising Sleep Stealers   by Jennifer Kelly Geddes The AC hums, your husband snores and garbage trucks clank outside the window. Add in kids, work, housekeeping — even a dog — and it’s no wonder you’re unable to properly rest. ...

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Why Ebola Kills More Women than Men

Most health industry professionals agree that too much panic has been spread about Ebola, and not enough useful information. In a nutshell: you’re in danger of getting Ebola only if you come into contact with the bodily fluids of someone ...

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The Best Sources of Pure Omega-3

The significance of omega 3 fatty acids has never been highlighted as it is now. With the rise in the number of people suffering from heart diseases, these important fats are taking centerstage. Fish is a well known source of ...

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Promoting Health Within the Home

Most people spend the vast majority of their time in the home, so it should always be the place with the greatest focus on health and wellness. Small changes that are made inside your house or to your daily routine ...

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