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Time for tea

The humble cuppa is spilling over with health benefits. Here’s what science has to say about the nation’s favourite beverage From a delicate cup of Earl Grey to a strong, wake-me-up builder’s, there’s nothing quite like a good old cuppa, ...

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Are Probiotic Supplements Really Worth Taking?

You’ve likely heard the praise for probiotics: The good-for-you bacteria and yeasts have been shown to aid digestion, boost immunity, and regulate bathroom habits. They’re naturally found in your GI tract, which hosts more than 500 bacterial species, according to ...

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Mammograms identify heart disease risk

When specks of calcium appear in ductal tissue on mammograms, they can indicate a small cancer. But when calcifications are found in the breast arteries, they haven’t been a cause for concern. However, in recent years, physicians have begun to ...

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