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How to fix a cavity without going to the dentist

Even the smell of the dentist’s office bothers some people, not to mention the unpleasant feeling of dental drill repair teeth that involves several dissimilar drilling Tinnitus’s is sometimes so annoying, and painful has the tank as if it vibrates ...

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Signs your blood sugar is very high

Are you currently hungry for you’re usually? If the answer will be yes to some of these questions, you will be experiencing high blood glucose symptoms. You ought not to think that folks diagnosed together with diabetes usually are not ...

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Manage Stress To Prevent Diabetes Complications

Diabetes can stress you out (to say the least). Changing your attitude toward stress can reduce your anxiety and improve how you manage diabetes. Daily life is already filled with demands and decisions—diabetes adds another heavy layer over all of ...

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Don’t ignore signs of sudden cardiac arrest

You may assume that there aren’t any symptoms for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the deadly condition that occurs when your heart suddenly stops pumping. But a study published Jan. 5, 2016, in Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that warning signs ...

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