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Your Vagina On Sex

tarryhealth and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) teamed up on an exclusive survey that revealed how much women know about their own anatomy. The answer, sadly: Not a whole lot. To help you better understand your nether regions, ...

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Matters of the heart: Sex and cardiovascular disease

Thanks to early screening, lifesaving interventions, and sophisticated pharmacology, millions of people live full, active lives after a heart disease diagnosis. That can include sex. Although the physical and emotional strains of cardiovascular disease often take a toll on a ...

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The 8 Life Stages of Talking About Sex

Our bedroom antics certainly evolve over time, and so does the way wetalk about them. Typically, our sex chatter goes from zero to a hundred as we coast through adolescence and our early 20s, then gradually winds down as serious relationships ...

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