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Healthy Bites

Want to fill your trolley without filling out? It is possible, says Amanda Khouv Fiery fill When hunger strikes, opt for Nairn’s Gluten Free Cracked Black Pepper Wholegrain Crackers with your favourite cheese, make coeliac-friendly finger foods or just tuck ...

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes

When you want something cold and refreshing, nothing tastes better than a fruit smoothie or icy blended drink. For a diabetes-friendly breakfast or snack, break out the blender and try some of these yogurt or nondairy diabetic smoothies packed with ...

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The Best Foods That Will Keep You Hydrated

Nutrition researchers have discovered that eating food with a higher water contentcan help you feel satisfied longer after a meal, and maintain a healthy weight as you get older.  Barbara Rolls, head of Pennsylvania State University’s Laboratory for the Study ...

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Grow your own superfoods!

Can’t afford goji berries and wheatgrass? Here’s how to cultivate a little spot of nature at home and boost your nutrition for less! Looking for an easy way to upsize your wallet and crank up your health credentials? If you ...

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Food Focus: Dates

Make this Middle Eastern staple your go-to sweet treat to aid your digestion, stabilise blood-sugar and ward off depression It hogs the limelight when it comes to raw dessert recipes, but ,until recently, the humble date was an unsung hero. Dates are ...

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Not even molten copper can fully destroy a Big Mac

Big Macs, for all their delectable benefits, are pretty much the Terminator of fast foods: iconic, thickly robust and given half the chance they’d kill John Conner (via cholesterol). The iconic dish also shares something else in common with Skynet’s ...

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Your Body on Caffeine

“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” Sound familiar? “I can’t survive without caffeine.” Maybe it’s just a case of the Mondays, or maybe you’re unaware of exactly how much caffeine you’re guzzling on a daily basis. Time ...

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Healthier meals on the go

Yes, you can find convenient fast-cook meals, but you’ll have to do your homework. Ever notice how nutrition takes a back seat when you’re hungry? Packaged and prepared foods somehow don’t seem un-healthy when you need a meal in a hurry. ...

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Best detox juices for a post-party season cleanse

Overindulged this Christmas? Need to cleanse and revive your body? Here are 6 superfood juice recipes for every ill. The Energy Booster ‘This is definitely my bestselling breakfast smoothie. We call it the Get up and glo! Bananas contain both ...

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