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Some Benefits of Caffeine for Health

Caffeine is a substance contained in some plants such as coffee beans, tea and cocoa or coffee brown. Caffeine This is a xanthine alkaloid compound that has the crystal form and has a bitter taste. The content of caffeine contained ...

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Say NO To A Diet High In Fat

In a recent study led by Jorge Chavarro, of the Harvard School of Public Health has suggested that men with prostate cancer who engage in a diet which is high in fat are at a significantly much higher risk of ...

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What’s your hunger type?

  Are constant cravings, inexplicable hunger and emotional eating hampering your weight-loss goals? It’s time to take control. We all get hungry, it’s a fact. And when we feel hungry, we should eat, right? Well, in nutritionist Lowri Turner’s new book, ...

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Healthy lunch

Need some lunch inspo? Healthy midday eating is a doddle with our easy-to-prepare lunches… A tasty, filling and healthy lunch will set you up for a productive afternoon and keep you going until dinner. A well-balanced meal midday also helps ...

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Invite some vegetables to lunch!

Vegetables are much more than just a side dish, these delicious recipes will bring variety to your average packed lunch JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE FARRO AND HAZELNUT SALAD Serves 4, Prep: 15 minutes, Cook: 40 minutes 200g farro 500g Jerusalem artichokes, scrubbed ...

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Smoothie and juice recipes

Satisfy your tastebuds with these healthy, delicious ideas for juices and smoothies You can’t beat a delicious, nutritious smoothie or juice. Whether you’re after a protein hit or a heart healthy blend, try one of these tasty offerings put together ...

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Make these raw mint brownies for a no-bake, paleo and vegan-friendly dessert that only requires a few ingredients! No food coloring required! YOU GUYS. This frosting. I am so proud of THIS FROSTING. I legitimately went leaps and bounds to find ...

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These Paleo Cashew Butter Cookies are grain-free and oil-free, made with coconut sugar for sweetness. They taste exactly like a Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie! I pretty much ALWAYS have some sort of frozen baked good in my freezer, no matter what. I ...

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Want to know something that kind of bums me out? October 31st hits and pumpkin just disappears. I feel like pumpkin totally gets dubbed as an October-only thing and that’s just not okay! How sad would you be if society ...

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Add some zing to your meatballs and make a homemade  sauce with 100% clean eating ingredients! Everyone will love these Chicken Meatballs.   So I have officially given every reason for the world to believe I have a ball fetish. Over ...

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