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Stop! How fast are you eating?

Want to slim down? Slow down! Aoife Stuart-Madge reveals how eating on the hop is sabotaging your weight and health ‘One of the first stages of digestion involves simply thinking about food which, literally, gets your digestive juices flowing’ Whether ...

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Best detox juices for a post-party season cleanse

Overindulged this Christmas? Need to cleanse and revive your body? Here are 6 superfood juice recipes for every ill. The Energy Booster ‘This is definitely my bestselling breakfast smoothie. We call it the Get up and glo! Bananas contain both ...

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5 Five Minute Healthy Food Ideas

1. BANANA AND PEANUT BUTTER SMOOTHIE Infuse your favorite flavors from your childhood into a health smoothie. Choosing fat-free or low-fat peanut butter helps to cut back on some of the calories without reducing flavor. Throw in ice and some ...

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The best slimming foods

Banish that muffin top with our pick of the best stomach-slimming ingredients Do you struggle with battling the bulge? Sometimes what you eat can have a huge beneficial impact on your overall health and your body. These delicious healthy foods ...

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10 foods should appear in your lunch table

What kind of food will be good for your lunch table? Lunch should be the highest calorie intake meal during the day (dinner and Breakfast quite). And considering most workers have little time to take lunch during the working day, ...

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Never eat the following 6 kinds of eggs

1, Cracked egg: The cracked eggs can easily be bacterial invasion, and if placed for longer time, you must throw them away. 2, Sticky shell eggs: Because of the too long time storage, egg yolk membrane ductile deformation lead the ...

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Healthy Winter Smoothie Recipes

While you might consider smoothies to be more synonymous with summer, they can be equally as nourishing and satisfying during the winter months. Smoothies are a great on-the-go meal or snack option, and depending on the ingredients, they can offer ...

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Grown Up Lunch Ideas

The holidays are over. The kids are back in school, and you’re back to the daily work grind. It’s time to get back into a routine, and that (hopefully) includes healthy eating. If you’re a busy mom or dad, no ...

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Pick Your Eating Plan

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and U.S. News Best Diets of 2016 may drive you to start thinking about your weight goals, eating habits and food choices. Many people go on diets in January only to discard them by February ...

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The health benefits of coffee

Thinking of giving up caffeine this new year? Don’t be too hasty – coffee offers more health benefits than you may think Coffee often gets bad press, which – in some cases – is for good reason, especially if you’re drinking ...

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