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Supplements You Might Be Overlooking

Whether you’re of the Paleo, carb cycling, or old-fashioned “just eat healthy and move” persuasion, none of them is going to be perfect. There’s simply no nutritional plan that can provide 100 percent of all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you ...

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Healthy Eating: Healthy Foods and Recipes

Eating Recipes Healthy Eating: Healthy Foods and Recipes Healthy Eating makes you feel better and look better. This video by syndicated columnist Rita Heikenfeld shows you recipes, cooking tips and is a guide to he… eating recipes Video Rating: 4 ...

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How To Tenderize Beef With Baking Soda

Have you ever noticed that when you eat at a Chinese restaurant, the meat is always so soft and tender? It seems like your knife just slides through it without any effort at all. A lot of Chinese recipes recommend ...

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What Does the USDA Organic Symbol Mean?

Seeing the USDA organic symbol on food products shows that the food is certified to be at least ninety five percent organically grown. Businesses that claim to produce organic foods must pass strict certification inspections in order to be approved ...

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Health Benefits of Drinking White Tea

Tea has been enjoyed for millennia by cultures all around the world and used for medicinal purposes as well. Scientific research in recent decades has shown that drinking tea is actually very healthy. Most of the research has been on ...

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What are the health benefits of garlic?

  Bad breath and deterring vampires isn’t the only thing garlic should be known for. Garlic, the number one herbal supplement used in U.S. households, has numerous uses and health benefits. Excellent for cooking, health and home remedies, garlic can ...

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Four Thieves’ Vinegar Recipe

Legend has it that in the early 1600s, when the bubonic plague ravaged Europe, four men made a living of looting the homes of newly deceased persons. The plague was spread by the bites of fleas that had left their ...

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Eating Recipes MEAL PREPPING ♥ HOW I PREPARE HEALTHY MEALS FOR THE WEEK! Jordy’s Fitness Beach Body Program: http://goo.gl/HDqsxM ♥ 7 Day Guide: http://www.jordysfitness.com/p/7-day-guide.html ♥ 5 Day Detox: http://www.jordysfit… eating recipes Video Rating: 4 / 5 Just found im diabetic ...

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