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Weight-loss motivation

If you’re trying with every fibre of your being to resist chocolate, read on to boost your willpower 1. Make friends with magnesium Did you know that chocolate cravings could indicate a lack of this vital mineral? Chocolate is high in magnesium, ...

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Boost your energy

Lose weight, boost your health and enjoy tasty food with these low-GI recipes What if we told you there was a way to improve your health, boost your energy levels and make your skin positively glow? Oh, and lose weight ...

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Widen your leafy green horizon with these up-and-coming superfoods! Looking to add a dose of freshness to your summer diet? Celebrate sunny days with the latest super greens and you’ll reap some pretty amazing health rewards. Don’t know your mizuna ...

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Food Focus: Dates

Make this Middle Eastern staple your go-to sweet treat to aid your digestion, stabilise blood-sugar and ward off depression It hogs the limelight when it comes to raw dessert recipes, but ,until recently, the humble date was an unsung hero. Dates are ...

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Sugar-free sweets

Stay on track with these health treats Don’t let a sweet tooth derail your diet efforts. Whilst it’s hard to to steer clear of the sweet stuff altogether, there are healthierchoices you can make and still treat yourself to some ...

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Chickpea and Lemon-Herb Pasta

In this clever dish, puréed chickpeas become a luscious pasta sauce spiked with garlic, rosemary and red pepper flakes. Add a few whole chickpeas at the end for texture. Ingredients: Kosher salt 1 lb. short ruffled pasta, such as mafalda ...

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