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The Truth About Weight Loss

There’s more to weight loss than losing weight The start of every health kick can be a glorious time, with your motivation at its highest and the fitness gains at their easiest to come by. Your muscles might be aching, ...

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This Snapchat Star Died After Visiting the Chiropractor

Well, this is terrifying. Former Playboy model and “Queen of Snapchat,” Katie May died unexpectedly last February from suffering a stroke. Now, new details from her death certificate, obtained by TMZ, show that Katie’s stroke was actually caused by a routine trip ...

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8 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Pooping

This article was written by Kasandra Brabaw and provided by our partners at Prevention. Let’s talk about poop—seriously. It’s something we’ve talked about before, so chances are, you already know when your movements look or smell weird (if you need ...

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11 Nipple Facts You Need in Your Life

Have you ever looked at your nipples and wondered if they’re normal? It turns out, they come in all different shapes and sizes. What’s more, they can bring you incredible pleasure, help feed a baby, and even tip you off ...

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