Senior Housing Options: Finding the Right Fit

Assisted living communities often provide basic supports, such as lawn care and housekeeping services, while offering residents an opportunity to commune with peers. (Getty Images) With advancing age, and changing care needs, many older adults – and their families – face ...

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Are Backyard Chickens Bad for Your Health?

If you keep chickens or other poultry in your backyard, wash your hands after handling them and don’t let them roam in your home. (Getty Images) If you’re thinking of keeping live poultry in your backyard, take care: That fluffy little ...

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How Diabetes Affects Your Oral Health

A high blood sugar gives bacteria an easier environment to grow. (Getty Images) Diabetes can affect your oral health in ways you might not expect. First, when you have diabetes, it’s harder for your body to fight off infection, including gum disease. “Uncontrolled ...

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