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Tips to look good this summer

Now that the holidays are coming and whom also who smallest amount makes a trip to the beach or go to a pool to cool off, it is when the decisive moment arrives in the mirror. Put on a bikini ...

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How to pick the perfect scent

Searching for a new spring fragrance? Follow our guide to sniffing out your next scent. It may be invisible, but perfume plays an integral part in your everyday 
appearance. ‘A beauty regime should make you feel confident and ready for ...

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The H&F sports bra buying guide

Are you wearing the right sports bra? Find the perfect bra for your sport and your bust. There are four main reasons to wear a sports bra: 1) To control bounce 2) To reduce breast pain – 50% of the ...

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No sports bra should celebrate its birthday

Decent workout wear is essential for a safe, comfortable workout. And that includes what you wear underneath your fit gear… Whether it’s bright prints, clashing colours, stylish cuts or unusual fabrics, cool sportswear has never been hotter. But, while we’re ...

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New cycling wear for summer

Ride in style with the latest apparel offering from dhb! Summer’s the perfect time to get your cycle on, with the lovely warm and dry weather – most of the time, anyway! Whilst you’re making the most out of getting ...

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Considering cataract surgery? What you should know

Cataract surgery—which involves removing the eye’s clouded lens and replacing it with a clear synthetic version—once required several days in the hospital and a long recovery period. Today it is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, and people ...

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