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Strike a balance with this Inner thigh exercise

Want to boost gym performance? It’s time to balance out your intense workouts with a good old dance-inspired stretch Blocking out the time to really delve into a stretching session can seem hard to justify if your busy schedule already makes ...

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5 ways to stay motivated to exercise

Here are some effective tips to help you stay on track and motivated to keep up your exercise goals. Staying motivated is essential for your exercise goals, and there are simple changes you can make to keep moving forwards. Stuck ...

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The Best Shoulder Workout

One of the muscle groups women overlook the most are the shoulders. But these muscles—the anterior deltoid, medial deltoid, posterior deltoid, and trapezius—dictate many of your upper-body movements. So they’re kind of a big deal and need more love than ...

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The Workout You Need

The sign of an effective workout is when you feel just a bit of soreness one to two days after the session (also known as delayed-onset muscle soreness). That kind of mild oh-I-think-worked-my-butt-yesterday painwill allow you to carry on with ...

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Exercise vs. Diet for Weight Loss

Those of you who are still pissed off at Cranky Fitness for exposing how easy it is to overestimate calories burned by walking may not be happy about some of the information I’m going to discuss in this post. But ...

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Best leg exercises for women

Try these leg exercises to help tone up wobbly thighs! Speed step-up Areas trained Thighs, bottom, cardio Technique • Begin standing with a low box or step in front of you. • Quickly step up onto the box with your ...

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