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How to Use Your Birth Control to Prevent PMS

Ladies around the world can all agree: Figuring out the best way to deal with PMS (exercise? ice cream?) is no easy feat. But as it turns out, your birth control method of choice—as well as how you decide to use it—can ...

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Top 10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

What if I told you that you could gain more muscle mass with less training? Or retain more muscle mass with less training? And even gain/retain more strength with less training? The secret is nutrition. As a personal trainer, most ...

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by Jessica Remitz With new energy and sport drinks hitting the market at a sprinting pace, it can be challenging to determine the best way to refuel after a workout without undoing all your hard work. If you’ve exercised for ...

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by Laura Kingsley My name is Laura, and I was a bread junkie. I loved any kind of bread. I also loved potatoes. And sodas. Basically, I used to eat pretty much what everyone eats: far too much fat, sugar ...

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Health Benefits of Drinking White Tea

Tea has been enjoyed for millennia by cultures all around the world and used for medicinal purposes as well. Scientific research in recent decades has shown that drinking tea is actually very healthy. Most of the research has been on ...

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7 Things You Just Need to Stop Feeling Guilty About

Yes, it’s okay to have that slice of chocolate cake. Guilt literally weighs on you. According to a study in the journal PLOS ONE, subjects reported feeling physically heavier when they thought about past unethical acts than when they recalled ethical ...

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You Really Can Stop Overeating

These simple changes may help you snack less and burn more calories. 1. Exercise at night. According to one study in the journal Obesity, our circadian system makes us hungriest a few hours before bedtime. But you may feel fuller after working ...

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