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The 2 week belly blasting diet

Want a flat stomach pronto? Nutritionist Christine Bailey has devised a fat-burning plan to leave you slimmer and toned in just a fortnight How it works The aim of this plan is to get you in shape ready for the ...

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How to Use Your Birth Control to Prevent PMS

Ladies around the world can all agree: Figuring out the best way to deal with PMS (exercise? ice cream?) is no easy feat. But as it turns out, your birth control method of choice—as well as how you decide to use it—can ...

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Why am I gaining weight?

Ask the doctor Q. I have gained 10 pounds this year. I am 52, healthy, and am eating the same foods I have always eaten. Why am I gaining weight now? A. A lot of patients come to me with ...

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How to get rid of love handles

Say goodbye to stubborn love handles and uncover those abs with these tips… Say goodbye to stubborn love handles and uncover those abs with these tips… Summer’s approaching and it’s around this time of year that everyone gets super body ...

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Why can’t I lose weight?

If the scales won’t budge, these four common weight-loss saboteurs could be to blame. We help you outsmart them for good So, you vowed to be healthier and slimmer this year. You’ve been nibbling on carrot sticks between meals, religiously keeping ...

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Lose weight fast

Slim down fast with these top fat loss tips from H&F magazine What are your bikini body ambitions this summer? Are you after a defined flat stomach, a toned bottom with a lift, or even a shift in those few ...

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Half marathon training

Take on these tweaks to put your half marathon training in the fast lane You’re feeling fit, strong and healthy. So what now? If you’ve started coasting from one session to the next now that you’ve made all that initial ...

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Wise up to slim down

Beat your diet downfalls and lose those hard-to-shift pounds with these figure-friendly fixes There’s no magic solution to slimmer thighs or a flatter tum, but if you want to shake off that excess weight and look your best for the ...

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