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The Truth About Weight Loss

There’s more to weight loss than losing weight The start of every health kick can be a glorious time, with your motivation at its highest and the fitness gains at their easiest to come by. Your muscles might be aching, ...

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Why am I gaining weight?

Ask the doctor Q. I have gained 10 pounds this year. I am 52, healthy, and am eating the same foods I have always eaten. Why am I gaining weight now? A. A lot of patients come to me with ...

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Why can’t I lose weight?

If the scales won’t budge, these four common weight-loss saboteurs could be to blame. We help you outsmart them for good So, you vowed to be healthier and slimmer this year. You’ve been nibbling on carrot sticks between meals, religiously keeping ...

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10 Healthy weight loss tricks

Start the New Year off on the right foot with these simple diet tricks The New Year is the perfect time to rethink what you eat. Eating clean feeds your body the goodies it needs to run smoothly and fast-forward ...

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