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Rice & Bean Collard Wraps

Jump to Recipe These vegan rice & bean collard wraps can be meal prepped for easy, make-ahead lunches. They feature my favorite, nutritious trio of foods, grains, beans, and greens! Barbecue sauce is a perfect accompaniment for dipping or drizzling. ...

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Why Are Wine Bottles Stored on Their Sides?

When you browse the wine aisles at your favorite grocery store or boutique shop, you likely see the bottles organized vertically, bottoms firmly on the shelf, and corked lids pointing upward. That’s normal, right? Well, despite bottles being displayed upright ...

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Here’s Why People Boil Corn in Milk

Everyone has their own way of cooking certain foods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try new techniques. If you’re used to cooking corn by boiling it in water, you might want to make a seemingly odd substitution. You can ...

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Can a Potato Really Make Your Grill Non-Stick?

You’ve probably heard that you can use everything from tinfoil to onions to clean your grill. Apparently, though, there’s another handy trick for cleaning your grill grates that’ll also make them non-stick. According to grilling experts, cleaning your grill with ...

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How Do You Get Garlic Smell Out of Your Hands?

We’re firm believers that garlic makes everything taste better. The downside of using this delicious bulb of flavor, though, is the unfortunate smell it leaves on your hands. While it can seem nearly impossible to get rid of, there is ...

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