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Black cumin: Healing people for thousands of years

Black cumin, or black seed, is often described as a miraculous plant and called by early herbalists as “the herb from heaven.” It is one of the most treasured nutrient-rich herbs and has been used for its medicinal properties in the Middle East and Western ...

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Why You Should Use Mayo on Your Grilled Cheese

If there is such a thing as a universally beloved food, a grilled cheese sandwich is definitely a contender for the title. While you probably already have a favorite way to prepare one, there’s an expected condiment that could make ...

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Starbucks Might Be Launching Boba-Style Coffee

Boba tea and Starbucks fans are about to have their dreams come true according to one TikTok account. There are apparently some new boba-inspired drinks coming from the coffee purveyor. TikTok creator Kirby posted a video to her account showcasing ...

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We Finally Found a Use for Stale Wine

There are a lot of pesky bugs that can get into your home, but gnats might be the worst. These tiny flying menaces seem to come out of nowhere and getting rid of them can feel impossible. But, do you ...

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