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Serving others while getting a college degree – A Veteran’s story


I am a student veteran that is attending Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. After my unexpected medical discharge from the Air Force, I decided it was time for me to attain my secondary education. Transitioning into civilian student life was very challenging for me, but Ivy Tech Community College allowed a smoother transition while gaining a college degree. I have a deep love and compassion for others in my community, but I was unsure how put this to good use without wearing a military uniform. That is when I discovered Student Government Association, which gave me the opportunity to serve my student body. I also gained membership in other student organizations that helped me in academic and professional growth. I assisted in policy changes for our student body and advocated for student veterans in a myriad of ways. I became the campus Veterans Benefits Coordinator where I further contributed my support to student veterans. Ivy Tech Community College has allowed me to contribute to my community, attain a secondary education, and provided me comfort outside of the military.

Trisha Norfleet

My military educational benefits are limited, and like many other college students, I struggle with finances. The Pearson Scholarship relieved that burden for me and allowed me to focus on my academic studies. I am more focused in my classes because of the financial support that the Pearson Scholarship has provided me. Being a Pearson Scholar means so much more than the financial assistance. I am in a prestigious role as a student and have been recognized for my academic and professional achievements. My Pearson Scholar title has improved my resume and accelerated my job search and other scholarship applications. My mentor has encouraged me to succeed in many projects and future endeavors as well and that to me is priceless.

My family and friends are supportive, but since I’m a first generation college student, they’re unable to assist me in gaining a college degree. Pearson has provided me with a mentor that helps me in the area that my family could not. My mentor has helped me with direction, focus, and motivates me to be successful in my future career. My mentor encourages me in any way that she can, and it has built confidence in myself to achieve my goals. I receive feedback on many projects that I work on in my student organizations. My mentor’s suggestions are crucial to me, and are always greatly appreciated. It means a lot to me to have guidance as a student. There are many challenges that I face as a student, but I no longer fear the success of my future with the guidance of my mentor.

Trisha is a recipient of the 2016 Pearson Scholarship for Higher Education. Each Pearson Scholar is paired with a Pearson professional mentor who provides support as Scholars progress toward degree completion. We are incredibly proud of all the Pearson Scholars. Please check back as we continue to highlight each scholar’s story!

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