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Ayurvedic Teas for Mind, Body & Health

These Ayurvedic teas for mind, body, and health will give you an extra pep in your step and burst of productivity. If anyone’s a morning coffee lover — it’s me! I have my one cup in the morning and I’m ...

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Pneumonia Vaccine: It Could Be a Lifesaver

  Certain factions of the population—particularly the young and the elderly—can benefit from a pneumonia vaccine. © Areeyatm | Dreamstime.com Pneumonia is often relatively mild in healthy people, but it can be life-threatening for older adults, young children, and people whose ...

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The Meal Timing Myth?

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I enjoy hosting random Q&A’s using the hashtag #AskBorn. Oftentimes this happens while in a Taxi, at the airport, or just because I feel like talking. This week I was asked about meal ...

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When a Teen Hangs With the Wrong Crowd

Friends play an important role in a teen’s life. While not being socially connected can leave a teen more prone to isolation and depression, having good friends can boost self-esteem and improve communication skills; and some of those friendships can last a ...

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Pasta with Nduja & Bitter Greens

Author Notes: Pasta with a small amount of meat and greens (bitter or otherwise) is a classic southern Italian template, from Abruzzese sausage with broccoli raab to Neapol (…more) —Sara Jenkins Serves 4-6 1pound artisanal Italian pasta (rigatoni, penne, ziti, shells) 1/4pound nduja (spicy ...

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Papelón con Limón-Menta

Author Notes: It is very odd to find actual lemons in Venezuela, so we refer to both lemons and limes as “limóns.” The name of this drink is “Papelón con Limón” but our rec (…more) —Magedda Arreaza Food52 Review: I only used only 6 ...

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