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How to stay fit in your 20s, in four easy steps

Doug Tannahill is a strength and conditioning coach who specialises in helping people get back to their best following pain and injury.

Your twenties are the prime of your physical life – a time when you can basically chuck yourself around and get away with it.

Obviously, there are some variables involved such as genetics and your prior training history, but you’ll never be more robust physiologically than you are in your third decade: your tendons, bones and most of your connective tissues haven’t yet entered the state of degenerative disrepair that come with ageing, where there is a bigger chance of soft tissue overuse and chronic pressure overloads.

But that’s exactly where the problem can lie. While you’re at your peak, you might not realise that you are overexerting yourself and regularly burning the candle at both ends.

Your twenties set you up for decades to come; if you break yourself in your twenties – and I see this happening quite often – you’ll start to suffer in your forties and fifties.

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