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Bounce to the beat and lose weight this summer!


Why not try a rebounding class to lose weight this summer by shaking off those wobbly bits

What is it?

If you’ve never tried a rebounding class before, let’s get one thing straight: it doesn’t just involve bouncing up and down for half an hour. Boring! No, no, no – you’ll be expected to do kicks, turns and all sorts on the mini trampoline and, in this particular class, you won’t be stopping for a second. It’s a truly aerobic workout set to loud, uplifting tunes and is perfect if you’re after a light-hearted class that’s different from your normal gym routine (unless, of course, you’re a rebounding regular).


What are the benefits?

Although this class is available in a 45-minute version, we think the ‘Quickie’ class is just the job. You’ll get your workout done and dusted in 30 minutes, but that doesn’t mean you get less done – you just work harder. The instructor literally doesn’t stop and, since you’re following her lead, you won’t either. As a result, you’ll keep that heart rate up from beginning to end, challenge your coordination and see limbs flying absolutely /everywhere/, if you’re anything like us. There’s also a segment involving the upper body and abs, so even when you’re not bouncing all over the place, you’re still putting your body under pressure and pushing it. Rebounding is also a top choice for those suffering with sore joints as it’s low impact, plus its detoxing benefits are second to none: bouncing on a rebounder works wonders for lymphatic drainage.


How hard is it?

While you’ll be keeping the rhythm up for the whole class, the intensity is kept at a level that is manageable. Think an aerobics class, except the bounce of the rebounder gets your core and balance working much harder to keep you stable. Make no mistake, though, you’ll be sweating buckets throughout in a bid to keep up with the steps. The instructor’s energy also pushes you that little bit further and ensures you put in the extra effort.

‘The instructor literally doesn’t stop and, since you’re following her lead, you won’t either’ says Amanda

Where is it?

Frame, London (moveyourframe.com); £9 (or £7 with a Frame Card).


Do it yourself

It’s time to blow the dust off your mini-trampoline and get bouncing – but beware of low ceilings! Stick on an upbeat soundtrack, a pair of trainers and you’re good to go. Start with regular bounces and move in counts of eight. Every eight jumps, switch to high-knee jumps, alternate legs forward and back and wide-stance jumps. If you’re comfortable here, try lifting one knee at a time or give high kicks a go if you’re feeling ambitious. Spins are welcome, too!


Amanda’s verdict

QuickieCardio Bounding is like a party. The novelty of bouncing up and down for exercise /might/ wear off, but we haven’t experienced that yet. The best thing? The 30 minutes fly by – although in a way we wish they didn’t! Even if you get the steps wrong, there’s totally no pressure and you’ll without a doubt leave the class with a massive grin on your face (and some very sweaty clothes!).

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