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Should You Freeze Your Coffee?

Coffee beans spill out of a glass jar and onto a wooden table

I grew up watching my mom put a plastic storage container of ground coffee beans into our freezer. To this day, she still keeps her coffee there. But should she? Should you?

While you might think freezing your coffee would keep it fresh for longer, you really shouldn’t be stashing your caffeine supply in the freezer.

Now, it’s perfectly safe to keep your coffee in the fridge. In terms of adverse effects, you’re not going to be drinking something actively bad for you, but it is bad for your coffee’s flavor.

Moisture is one of the major reasons freezer storage is bad for your beans, at least according to the National Coffee Association. While freezer air is typically dry, with combination fridge-freezers, there’s an air and moisture transfer that occurs when the doors are opened.

Without a truly airtight container, vapor can seep into your beans which are hygroscopic, meaning they’re absorbent. When this happens, the flavor dulls.

There’s also the added problem of odor absorption and freezer burn. When water vapor seeps into the container of beans, freezer burn can set in, altering the scent. Over time, the damage from the freezer burn can also lead to other smells in your freezer invading your coffee.

Will freezing your coffee cause any spoiling or make it undrinkable? No. But it will dull the flavor. Instead of your freezer, grab a storage container and place it in a cool, dark area—like a pantry—where it will stay good for up to two weeks.

With fresh beans, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee.

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