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This Bell Pepper Cutting Hack Is Genius

A person cuts into a bellpepper.

If you’re like me, you’ve seen people on social media with glass containers filled with perfectly chopped vegetables. You’ve wondered how they did it. Well, thanks to a TikTok hack, you can start your collection of perfectly chopped veggies with bell pepper.

Elena Besser, a content creator, chef, and recipe developer, took to TikTok to show how to cut a bell pepper without leaving behind a single seed.

Besser starts the process by chopping off the top half of the pepper to eliminate the stem. She then cuts off the bottom making it so that you can see clear through the veggie. Next, she cuts a vertical line down one side of the pepper. She sets the pepper on its side and begins to roll it, easily cutting through the membranes and disconnecting the center filled with seeds. When she’s done, you can roll out the pepper and cut it into clean, seed-free slices.


The best way to cut a pepper ? #bessersbasics

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Besser’s hack isn’t the only one that can help you prep your veggies, though. Rachel Gurk went viral on TikTok with a clever hack for cutting cauliflower that doesn’t involve cutting at all. Then, there’s also an herb grating hack that could come in handy while cooking.

If meal prepping is one of your goals this spring, these handy TikTok hacks could help you achieve it.

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