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Here’s When You Should and Shouldn’t Freeze Vodka

A bottle of vodka sits in a bucket of ice.

If you’ve ever stashed your vodka in the freezer, you might have believed the drinking experience would be enhanced by an ice-cold pour. Turns out, though, that’s not always true.

According to Francois Thibault, the creator of Grey Goose, your high-end vodka should never be stored in the freezer.

The reason for this is fairly simple. While freezing seems as though it would help enhance vodka’s flavor, it actually masks it. When you store a high-end vodka—like Grey Goose—in the freezer, it loses some of its more subtle flavors, and you won’t be able to appreciate all the notes.

Instead, it should be kept at around 33-39 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerator temperatures vary, but it’s likely the best place to keep your bottle. While you might still be tempted to place it among the items on your bar cart as a compromise (and a way to not overcrowd your fridge), Thibault says that, unfortunately, even Grey Goose might have a bit of a bite at room temperature.

Is there ever a time when vodka should go in the freezer? Yes! If you’re on a budget or drinking a cocktail where the vodka flavor is covered up and opt for a cheaper brand, the freezer is best. Just as freezing hides the subtle flavors of high-end drinks, it also hides the burning, rougher tastes of lower-end varieties.

The next time you’re making a cocktail, you might want to return that bottle to the fridge, not the freezer.

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