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You Can Make Starbucks’ Shaken Espresso at Home

A person makes a shaken espresso in a mason jar.

If, like me, you’ve got a serious coffee obsession, there’s a good chance you might also spend an inordinate amount of cash at coffee shops. Well, save your money. TikTok is coming to the rescue.

You can make Starbucks’ Brown Sugar Shaken Latte at home, and it’s markedly easier than you might think.

Content creator Isabella of @coffeebybella is known for her soothing and delicious-looking coffee recipes, and one of her most recent has been a massive hit—a copycat Starbucks shaken espresso—with a whopping 4.3 million views.


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While it might seem easy to assume such a recipe would be difficult, it’s so simple. You will need an espresso machine, but if you’ve got one, you’re good to go.

First, you add two tablespoons of brown sugar to a jar (or any container with a lid) and top them with brewed espresso. Toss in some cinnamon and ice, add your lid, and shake until combined. Add your oat milk (or dairy of your choice), stir, and you’ve got the perfect coffee.

The shaken espresso isn’t Isabella’s only creation. The entire account is a treasure trove of caffeinated beverages and will keep you in delicious drinks for weeks.

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