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This Baking Sheet Hack Can Save Your Cookies

A person removes a baking sheet of crostinis from the oven.

If you’ve ever baked cookies only to have the bottoms get charred while the tops remain raw, it might not be you—it could be your oven. The good news is there’s a hack for that!

If you use two baking sheets, you might be able to avoid these annoying results. Most ovens heat stronger from either the top or the bottom. You can tell which category yours falls into by the results we mentioned above.

If your cookies burn on the bottom but remain raw on top, your oven has more substantial heat emanating from the bottom. If it’s the opposite, the top is the stronger heat source. Either way, though, there’s a fix, and you’ve already got it.

Tiffany MacIsaac, owner and pastry chef at Buttercream Bakeshop, recommends adding another baking sheet whenever you use your oven. It will prevent the excess heat from burning your food, if you place an empty baking sheet on the upper or lower rack (depending on where the excess heat is coming from).

If you’re tired of burnt bread and unevenly baked cookies, see if this handy hack solves your baking woes.

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