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This Is the Right Way to Open an English Muffin

An english muffin with butter sits on a plate.

You’re ready to eat breakfast, and you grab an English muffin from your bread box and a knife. Unfortunately, you already know your poor muffin will likely end up jagged from cutting and ripping it into two halves. Turns out, that there’s a way to prevent that.

All you have to do in order to get two perfectly even sides of an English muffin is squeeze it.

TikTok content creator @ashyizzle took to her account to showcase how she opens an English muffin, and not only is it simple, but it doesn’t involve a knife at all.


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In the video, Ashley removes an English muffin from a package, and then, instead of pulling the bread apart or slicing a knife through the center, she begins rotating it while twisting the sides. Steadily, she works her way around the entire circumference, and when she’s done, it simply pops right open.

Ashley is so blown away, in fact, that she grabs another muffin and tries the trick again. Yes, it works!

The next time you’re planning to make a breakfast sandwich or just want a simple morning meal on the go, you can bring your English muffin with you and never have to grab a knife to cut it.

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