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Can a Potato Really Make Your Grill Non-Stick?

A grill sits on a home's outdoor patio.

You’ve probably heard that you can use everything from tinfoil to onions to clean your grill. Apparently, though, there’s another handy trick for cleaning your grill grates that’ll also make them non-stick.

According to grilling experts, cleaning your grill with potatoes will help make it non-stick.

Now, here’s the thing about this trick. Potato isn’t going to clean your grill quite as well as a grill brush. If you’ve got some serious caked-on leftover food particles, it’s probably best to bring in a traditional brush to get your grates clean. If, however, you’re up to date on grill maintenance, go ahead and reach for your potato.

To use this trick, heat up your grill and cut your potato in half or quarters. Use tongs to pick up the pieces so you avoid burns (you can also add a glove, too). Press the cut side of the potato onto the grates rubbing back and forth.

The rubbing motion should remove dirt on your grate, and the starch from the potato will coat them helping to make them non-stick. Essentially, instead of using oil to create that non-stick layer, you’re using the starch of the potato.

The next time you’re grilling a delicate piece of meat or veggies, go ahead and grab a potato, too.

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