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These Amazon Pot Holders Are the Epitome of Cuteness and Function

A man holds a pot using holders, holders are in plastic packaging, and a person holds a pot with a lid on it using bow-tie pasta shaped holders.

Kitchen gadgets are functional, right? They let you do everything from saving easily spoiled fruit like avocados to cleaning out a microwave using only steam. But they’re not always the cutest things. Well, that changes now.

There are bowtie pasta-shaped pot holders, and they’re some of the most adorable and functional items on Amazon.

The pot holders come in the shape of bowtie pasta. When placed around the handles of a pot or pan, they squeeze together, and you’d truly think someone was using noodles to pick up their hot pan. Of course, it’s not. The holders are made from silicone that allows for moldability around handles and keeps the heat at bay as you need to drain items that have just been over a hot stove.

Thanks to the silicone material, these pot holders won’t crack or chip making them both durable and safe. Plus, they won’t damage your cookware, scratching up your beautiful enamel cast iron. While they’re designed to be gentle on your cookware, the double-layer silicone means they won’t be gentle when it comes to protecting you from heat. Plus, they’re BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Whether you’re looking for a new set of pot holders for your own kitchen or shopping for a housewarming gift, this adorable, durable, and useful Amazon find is a must-shop.

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