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Here’s the Best Way to Reheat Rice

A bowl with rice in it and a fork and spoon.

Sometimes leftovers are the perfect meal for a quick mid-week lunch or a late-night dinner. But when your food has rice, the leftovers can turn out clunky and sticky. It just doesn’t taste as good as when it was fresh.

The next time you reheat your rice in the microwave, add an ice cube on top.

Stephanie Grime tried this trick in a TikTok video while warming up her leftover rice. She placed her rice and an ice cube in an uncovered bowl in the microwave. She was shocked when the ice cube didn’t melt, but it made her rice just as moist and fresh as when it was first cooked.

Microwaves reverberate water molecules inside the ice cube to create moisture that steams the rice. The result? Fluffy, delicious rice that tastes just like it did when it was freshly made in a pot or rice cooker.

The hack was originally inspired by Emily Mariko’s deconstructed salmon bowl video on TikTok. Her video currently has over 36 million views and has inspired tons of foodies to try this unique trick.

Now that you know how to reheat your rice so it doesn’t have that “leftover” taste, why not learn how to heat your food more evenly in the microwave?

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