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15 Starbucks secret menu items you need to know about


Who doesn’t love being in on a secret? Even the not-so-secret ones give a little thrill. If you’re consistently the first person in your circle of friends to know about a cool restaurant event, local bakery opening, or trendy must-order dish, then the vast and sprawling labyrinth of secret menus is definitely your jam. From In-N-Out Burger and Chick-fil-A to Jamba Juice and Starbucks, it’s no wonder popular eateries are quietly offering stealthy items not listed on their menus. Maybe it’s the perceived exclusivity that makes ordering from a hidden menu extra fun. Whatever the reason, people who love the world of food and drink are all about rattling off these crazy-sounding item names.

While chain shops aren’t necessarily considered cool per se, casually ordering from their secret menus is one surefire way to give your food cred a boost. On the West Coast, In-N-Out Burger may be the most famous when it comes to restaurants known for their off-the-menu items, but plenty of places are now leaking their own versions. And if you’re a beverage fiend like me, you definitely want to get the lowdown on what’s on offer at Starbucks written in invisible ink. Sure, regular drip cups, lattes, and frapps are A-okay for the average Joe, but that’s way too boring for the culinary adventurer! Take a look at these enhanced versions of your favorite drinks, look your barista in the eye, and go for it. You won’t find them on the menu, and that’s part of the charm.

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