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Why you should NEVER squeeze your spots

It’s the night before a date or an important interview, and your face erupts in spots.

The temptation is to squeeze them so the swelling subsides and your complexion clears.

But while this might seem like a good idea at the time, it could actually make acne worse, warns Dr Cameron Rokhsar, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in New York and Long Island.

Moreover, squeezing spots can also damage skin, leading to infection and permanent scarring that is difficult to treat, he added.


Squeezing spots could lead to an lead to infection, permanent scarring and discolouration that is hard to treat, according to Dr Cameron Rokhsar, a New-York-based dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon (file photo)

Dr Rokhsar explained spots are caused by three factors: overproduction of oil, irregular shedding of dead skin, and a build-up of bacteria.

The skin is covered in tiny openings called pores which allow sweat and sebum – an oily substance the body produces to lubricate the skin and hair – to pass through.

When these become blocked with sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, spots can form.


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