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Natural remedies to treat diabetes

So far, it has not found a enduring cure for diabetes. This means that once you notice it is vital to keep it under control. These natural remedies can help.


The handle is perfect for regulating insulin levels and leaves too! To take benefit of them, do the following: at night, put a couple of leaves in a bowl of water and in the morning, take it!



Plums contain illogic acid and these elements make this delicious fruit in one of the best natural remedies to treat diabetes.

Aloe vera

This little plant has proved very effective in combating the effects of diabetes, especially type 2. So aggregate to your diet a little aloe gel. This way, you will not only regulate your glucose levels, but also lipids.


According to a study conducted at the University of I-Shoo, once in the body, guava reduces the absorption of sugars. In addition, this is an extremely positive effect for diabetics! However, not alone; for its abundance of antioxidants, this fruit is ideal to prevent various cancers. It also provides plenty of fiber and contributes to circumvent constipation.


A drink more water! In addition, is that a research published in Diabetes Care suggests that those who make less than 460 milliliters of water per day have a 30% higher risk of having blood sugar levels above normal.


Several studies have suggested that consumption of curry enlentence starch absorption and thus prevent blood sugar levels to rocket clouds. Test then chew a sprig of curry as soon you get up.

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