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How to remove spider veins of the legs

Varicose veins are a difficulty that goes beyond being able or not able to show their legs barefacedly. They are caused by several factors and require intensive care to treat them. In the article you will learn tips to remove the spider legs naturally and efficiently.

Appearance of varicose veins

Maybe you have seen that have odd purple spider leg and you have not paid a great deal notice. However, it is important to analyze the evolution does not accrue in a more serious problem. A doctor can make an accurate diagnosis of your state and would be good for your own media will determine what. With the passage of time and if you do not do no matter which about varicose veins can be painful and do not allow walking wear certain clothes or do your activities. With perseverance and willingness you can take away once and for all the spiders that have appeared in your legs and are truly annoying.


A change in daily habits will be vital to improve the picture

  • Obesity
  • Sedentary
  • Smoking
  • Family history
  • Circulatory problems

Sometimes we recommend us to modify our daily habits and do not really understand what you mean. These tips will serve to improve other ailments and discuss the implications for treating varicose veins in the legs.

Improves blood circulation

This is crucial for blood is not impaired in any part of the legs. It seeks to low intensity exercise as it may be walking the dog, walking in the park ride a bike do swimming etc. You can also raise your legs when you are at home sitting on the couch. It is recommended to turn not long remain sitting or standing, but changing positions even at every turn.

Lose weight

Obesity is a major cause of varicose veins. This is because legs should hold more weight and the veins have more work to get blood back to the heart. Make a diet that helps you reduce the additional kilos to create the pressure of the lower limbs is not so excessive.

Use socks compression

People who perform extensive air travel for example often use these compression stockings. You can buy them at a pharmacy or store without problems and use them all day not just when you go to sit or in one position. However, you must ask the doctor how long it will take placed advised that to avoid further problems.

Massage the area

Each afternoon or evening, when you get home or if you do not feel like they can be at times a week you can be relevant self-massage for the circulation of blood is activated.

Sleep with legs elevated

This is achieved in different ways but the two most common are put pillows under your ankles so that the legs are higher than the torso or tacos placed on the legs of the bed on the side of the feet to the legs are higher than the head. Another good way to get better blood circulation is to let your legs up a few minutes. You can for example, place the ankles or soles of the feet on the wall and you sit or lie down on the floor, the bed, sofa, etc.

Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins

You’ve learned some tips to improve the appearance of varicose veins of your legs, and you have said that food is very important to improve any condition or problem. It is time then you know what the best home remedies for spider veins in the legs they have many properties to improve the quality and circulation of the blood as they are vasodilators, hemorrhagic and strengthen the walls of the veins. As if that were not sufficient of these fruits, they are rich in bioflavonoid. Consume at least a handful a day, either plain or in fruit salads.


This plant has benefits for the skin and for our inner health. Improves the tone of veins and prevents degenerate with the passage of time or bad habits. Repairs damaged tissues is anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling. You can buy a natural calendula cream and apply on legs every night before going to bed. If you want a home version, you can make an ointment.

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