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Foods to take care of your joint health

Our joint health is very sensitive to the passage of time our food and lifestyle that we carry. If moreover we add genetic components such as osteoarthritis or arthritis we can understand why one day we cease to move with life. Gradually we began to resort to drugs and anti-inflammatory classics to go to work to shop to dance. It is not fair that the body stops responding, as it should when our mind is still young. When we crave still do thousands of things.


The first thing we do in case of suffering and certain joint pain or swelling is to consult with our doctor. Have a good diagnosis is key to knowing what strategies can we implement to have a good quality of life. Now, something that also indicates specialists orthopedic surgeon institute is that young people also suffer from severe joint ailments.

Athletes and young people who are overweight also develops joint health problems. Our joints are forever. It is necessary to look after them pamper them and know what foods optimize your health. Here we explain what the best are. Sports medicine specialists like Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez we explain to maintain a proper diet is a very useful strategy to mitigate the impact of these joint diseases. When we diagnosed arthritis should also be clear that miracles do not exist. We will have to submit to various therapies and medication that determine our specialist.

Discover what foods we help regenerate cartilage

Citrus, and especially oranges, are great for our joint health. However, one should not consume juice, it is best to cut it into pieces and serve it in a bowl with a little honey. Thus, we reduce joint inflammation and we benefit from antioxidants. Thanks to a study published in the journal American Journal of Epidemiology, we know that diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis improve with regular consumption of orange. Its antioxidant, vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene selenium and zinc are very suitable for our joint health.

The extra virgin olive oil

Nature always puts our service real gifts to health. The olive oil extra virgin is one of the foods that will help us reducing pain and stiffness. Several studies including one conducted by Italian doctors reveal that the Mediterranean diet and especially olive oil is highly recommended for people suffering from arthritis.

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