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3 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape While You Travel

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Your workouts don’t have to suffer just because you’re traveling for the holidays. These days, there are a ton of options to help you stay fit while traipsing across the globe. Whether you’re spending hours on end in your airport terminal (we blame you, delayed flights), bunking up in a tiny hotel room, or soaking up quality time with your family, there are still plenty of ways you can sweat it out when you’re on-the-go. Here, we break down three holiday travel scenarios and the best ways to get your daily workout in—no matter where you are in the world.

If you’re at the airport

Good news for fitness-loving travelers: Yoga rooms are popping up in airports worldwide—as are walking paths, pools, and gyms. In fact, some of the most-traveled airports (including Chicago O’Hare, Dallas Fort Worth, San Francisco, Dubai International, and Singapore Changi) boast fitness amenities. Visit airportgyms.com to learn more about what’s available at airport you’ll be in.

If you’re in your hotel room

Beyond the hotel gym, you’ll find in-room workout tools and videos, loaner gear for those who’d rather not pack (or forgot!) their own, and exciting group classes. Some fitness-friendly chains: Westin, Omni, Even, Fairmont, Sheraton, Kimpton, Standard, and Hyatt Place. And if you’re not staying at one of these hotels, you can still do simple 5-minute workouts for your lower body and upper body right in your room.

If you’re at Grandma’s house

The best way to get some peace and quiet and tune out the busybodies (and indulgent foods) floating around your family’s abode: a workout. Grab your smartphone, download a free app (we like Nike+ Training Club, Sworkit, and Freeletics) and get moving!


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