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Mobilization exercise held
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Image by U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive)
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Mobilization exercise held

By Cpl. Han, Jae-ho
[email protected]

PYEONGTAEK — The 22nd Korean Service Corps (KSC) Company held its annual mobilization exercise Jan. 10-12 in Pyeongil Elementary School here.

The purpose was to improve the in-processing capabilities of wartime KSC augmentees.

The KSC Company commands, controls, supervises and provides administrative control of 2,185 personnel to provide support to Eighth Army and United States Forces in Korea.

Key tasks of this exercise included deploying four operations teams to KSC mobilization stations within four hours of activation order, making sure the teams are active within 24 hours, and validating planned link up points.

“This is one of our most important exercises that practices mobilization stations capabilities,” said Lt. Col Robert Hynes, the KSC commander.

“During war time, the Republic of Korea government will send approximately 23,000 people within the first 60 days, and we have to be able to organize them (as soon as possible) into companies to support Eighth Army,” he added.

The exercise began with a briefing by Chon In-sop, commander of the 22nd KSC Company. The briefing was followed by a tour of various stations including the physical examination room, central issue facility and training room.

“We support Camp Humphreys directly, and will continue to improve on our previous efforts to mobilize and activate KSC units for wartime support”, Chon said.

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