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10 Mind-Boggling Facts About Your Brain

From finding your keys again to remembering your boss’ birthday, here are some little-known facts about memory.

1) Certain foods have been found to boost your brainpower (think fish, berries, and walnuts), but unfortunately these eats can only get you so far.
2) The brain’s mental barrier, blocking the memories from the previous space.
4) If the only Transient global amnesia, a.k.a. temporary memory loss, can be caused by a number of everyday activities, including sex.
6) The cause of déjà vu, which literally means “already seen,” remains a mystery, despite being studied for two centuries. Theories range from malfunctions in our memory to reincarnation.
7) Your short-term memory can retain about seven items for up to 30 seconds at a time.
8) Mozart was a musical marvel with a fabulous memory. It’s said that he could write down and play the notes of a song he heard once.
9) Movies tend to exaggerate things, including amnesia, but Memento and Finding Nemo have both been praised for their accurate depiction of memory loss.
10) Researchers have already determined that pot smokers aren’t the best at retaining information, but a new study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry has revealed that chronic users also experience false memories.

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