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4 Hacks For Making The Most Of Your Makeup

4 Hacks For Making The Most Of Your Makeup

By Anna Redman And Rachel Debling

We turned to Jenna Medina, a certified glamour expert, lover of all things beauty, and the owner and operator of glamology.ca, for some hacks to help you look your best, any time of the day or night.

1. Get A Good Concealer. “This one item can do so much for improving and refreshing your look. It can brighten and lift your eyes, conceal dark spots and circles, and hide blemishes,” Jenna shares. “My all-time favourite trick is to use a small amount right under the eyebrow, on the brow bone. Not only does this hide un-tweezed hairs but it also creates a mini, non-surgical eye lift.” And who doesn’t want to snag that youthful, line-reducing treatment without going under the knife?

2. Sport A Safe Sun-Kissed Look. “I love using bronzer!” Jenna exclaims. “Not only does it give the face a gorgeous colour, but it can also add shape. I always stick to matted varieties so that I can also use them as a contour product by simply applying more bronzer under the cheek bones, jawline, and then a dash all over,” this beauty expert reveals.

3. Tint It Up. “Lip and cheek tints, just like bronzers, are hot cosmetic items,” Jenna reveals. “Both products take no time and add so much to an overall look. If you’ve added your bronzer but want more colour, add a touch of tint to the apples of your cheeks and then to your lips for a revitalized, youthful pout.”

4. Perfect Your Eyebrows. “They’re the frame of the face, but no two brows are the same,” notes Jenna. “My trick to perfect brows is a mascara wand brush. This acts as an eraser to blend out any harsh lines from the brow filler or pencil. I recommend using MAC’s Veluxe Brow Liner since there’s a builtin brow brush on the end.”

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