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Get More Shut

Get More Shut-Eye With These 10 Simple Tricks

By Anna Redman

Amp Up Your Cardio: Regular (and vigorous) exercise is the best way to naturally sleep quality. Lying flat on your back, or slumbering on your side, are the best choices for preventing neck and back pain.

Put On Some Socks: Research has found that the faster your hands and feet warm up, the quicker you dive into the land of nod. Help the process along by adding your own heating system.

Loose The Booze: Stop channeling Don Draper about two hours before you hit the hay. Your blood levels will start to drop a few hours after alcohol hits your system, which actually makes you feel more awake.

Cherri-fy Your Life: Filled with melatonin, research has shown that drinking eight ounces of cherry juice, twice a week, can reduce symptoms of insomnia.

Disregard Your Day Job: If work is getting you down, try to leave the negative emotions at the office door. An American study of nearly 2,300 people found that those with work woes are nearly twice as likely to develop sleep troubles.

Stretch Your Limits: Become a yogi or try Pilates – they aren’t just for girls you know! Research from Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center discovered that doing upper- and lower-body stretches four times a week could reduce sleep problems by 30 percent.

The Best Get-More-Sleep Trick: Get frisky with your partner before bed or go for some solo action. Orgasms feel amazing (obviously!) and leave you totally relaxed – win-win!

Curl Your Toes: The doctor’s call it progressive muscle relaxation, but what is it? Relieving anxiety and stress by tensing and relaxing different muscle groups. Start with your toes, curl them tightly while you count to seven, and then relax. Slowly work your way up, stopping at each muscle group in your body. By the time you get to your eyes they’ll be closing automatically. Hello Sandman!

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