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4 Hair-Loss Myths Debunked

By Marta Ustyanich

There are still many myths floating around when it comes to hair loss, and there’s nothing Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD, a board-certified dermatologist and president of the Canadian Hair Loss Foundation, loves more than setting his clients straight at his private practice in Toronto. Here’s a few that top the list:

1. Genetic hair loss comes from mom’s side of the family. While there’s some basis for this common myth, since an important gene involved in hair loss comes from the X chromosome (which men get from their mothers) there are over 25 genes that play a role in hair loss, and these come from both sides of the family.

2. Stress contributes to hair loss. “Unless it’s high-magnitude stress related to the loss of a job or a death in the family, stress doesn’t usually contribute to hair loss in most people,” says Donovan.

3. Wearing a hat. Plain and simple, “This, in fact, has very little bearing on hair loss,” says Donovan.

4. Shampooing frequently leads to hair loss. No, it doesn’t. Consider this permission to get sudsy all you want.

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