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How Your Teenage Diet May Still Be Haunting You

How Your Teenage Troubles May Still Be Haunting You

By Anna Redman

It has to be said, when you’re a teenager, you don’t always know how to eat right. And, if you were a little too good at dialling 867-1111 in your high school days those extra pounds, and your depleted bank account, aren’t the only cons associated with this lifestyle choice. New research from Sweden has revealed that a junk food-filled youth can increase your risk of colon cancer later in life.

Following the analysis of more than 200,000 male medical records, these Swedish scientists determined that guys with obese BMIs between 16 and 20 (driving age and your second year of college in Canada) doubled their risk of suffering from colon cancer in their 50s. And while we do appreciate all scientific research encouraging healthy eating, and certainly believe that these findings should be taken under advisement, we must also note that BMI is not the most reliable measuring tool, and further research may be required.

The good news is that medical experts have found that colon cancer is treatable, provided that it’s caught early, so determining some of the key triggers can help you understand when’s the right time to get tested. It’s generally advised that patients begin have colonoscopies at the age of 50, unless colon cancer runs in the family, or there is another reason, such as teenaged obesity, to suggest that earlier tests could be vital. This less than pleasant procedure is only required once every ten years, provided that results come back clear, so bite the bullet and get checked – it might just save your life!


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