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Uterine fibroids harm women’s health! How to know the disease earlier?

Today, I’d like to talk about a more strange disease called uterine fibroids. Why is it strange? Because of uterine fibroids pathogenesis is still not clear, the early onset of symptoms is not very obvious, but if there is no early treatment, it will bring great harm to the female health.

How to investigate uterine fibroids?

1, soft press the lower abdomen

Before and after menstruation, or when taking bathe you can press the lower abdomen softly, to feel whether there is lumps or not. In the case of uterine fibroids, there is a lump in the abdomen and a feeling of distension.


2, menstrual changes

The amount of blood loss per month is actually about the same, if the body is sick. Fibroids may be oppressive vein, resulting in blood increases, and also lead to prolong the period.

3, dysuria

One day the toilet micturition, more than 8 times or more, may lead to bladder leiomyoma is oppression.

4, leucorrhea lesions

Patients with uterine fibroids may appear abnormal leucorrhea, bad taste, thick flesh tissue more similar things like this discharge, you should pay highly attention.

5, backache

Due to the fibroids growth in the abdomen, will bring bulge feeling, if long-term feel back pain (except work or hard exercise), body weakness. When you are surfing the above symptoms, it is highly recommended to get medical treatment.

6, anemia and hypoglycemia

These two cases are relatively rare, but not impossible, due to the uterine fibroids may expand the amount of bleeding, the body is relatively weak and women may appear dizziness fatigue, blood sugar, severe anemia.

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