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More Than 90% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had THIS Procedure Done!

Not standing too close to the microwave, avoiding tanning beds, smoking, processed foods, and sugar are just some of the things that should be avoided in order to avoid cancer.

However, today we will present you something that most people would probably never even think to relate with cancer.


The Root Canal

Bacteria can sometimes work its way down to the root when it enters a tooth through a cavity. It actually causes infection and then leads to inflammation once there.

A dentist drills a hole down to the root of the tooth and then clears the bacteria before fill the tooth during a root canal procedure.

Most of the dentists stop the whole explanation there, they say that everything is hunky dory. On the other hand, Dr. Weston Price does not agree with this thing at all. The teeth still remain infected, despite the canal procedure.

The research that was conducted by this eminent doctor says that infection is the reason for many deadly and chronic issues, including cancer.

Root Canals Problem


Patients and dentists believe that chemicals used in the root canal procedure effectively remove harmful bacteria. The tubes are cut off from blood circulation and oxygen by filler after a root canal.

Bacteria that are contained in these tubes are free to leak bacteria in the body because they can not be reached by the immune system or antibiotics.

According to Dr. Josef Issels, in the book Cnacer:Seond Opinion, he explains that more than 90 percent of 16,000 people who suffered from cancer (in 40 years of working) showed up to his clinic with multiple roots canal.

That’s the reason why Dr. Josef insists on removing the root canals before beginning the treatment.

According to Dr. Robert Jones, who has researched the connection between root canals and cancer, 93 percent of women who suffer from breast cancer had their root canals done.

The tumors were located on the same side of their bodies as the affected tooth (in the most cases).

The Root Canals are the Reason for More Than Just Cancer

A patient who suffered from crippling arthritis for 6 years visited Dr. Price. The doctor told her that she must remove her root canal, despite it seems completely healthy.

When the patient extracted the toot, Dr. Price transplanted it into a rabbit. After a extremely short period of time, the rabbit developed crippling arthritis and died in just 10 days.

The patient recovered and was finally able to walk without a cane.

The doctors and scientists who have followed Dr. Price’s work, they also link root canals and kidney disease, heart disease, Lupus, multiple sclerosis and ALS.

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