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Five kinds of women should not eat sweets

When most people think of candy, they will associate with bad teeth, obesity, diabetes and so on. In fact, appropriate sweets intake will be good for health.

The benefits 1, to prevent low blood pressure.

When you are hungry, low blood pressure and easy to faint, take some sugar can prevent faint.

The benefits 2, treatment of dehydration

Sugar intake can be treatment of dehydration. Vomiting or diarrhea can lead to dehydration, so drink a cup of sugar can restore intestinal function, treatment of dehydration.

The benefits 3, prevent collapse


Another benefit is to prevent the collapse. Sugar can quickly provide the body with energy to prevent body collapse.

1, patients with skin disease

The metabolism of sugar will change the sugar into fat, which will make the skin secretion further increased, and this is not conducive to the cure of the disease. Particularly patients with purulent skin disease and seborrheic dermatitis, more sugar intake will make the condition worse.

2, eye disease patients

Much sugar intake will cause a lack of vitamin B in the body, so it will lead blood, nerves or tissues of the digestive system such as pyruvate and lactate savings, which will lead to optic nerve conduction disturbance and may lead vision decreased. Foreign scholars have found that more sugar intake is the cause of myopia, so it is necessary to control the sugar intake, and often eat alkaline food, such as carrots, cabbage, onion, cucumber, bean sprouts Levin, sesame, brown rice etc..


3, gastric patients

Stomach disease generally have acid reflux and pain symptoms, and sugar will increase the gastric acid secretion, which will increased pain, acid regurgitation and other symptoms.

4, patients with rheumatism

The patients with rheumatic diseases take sugar will reduce the alkali reserved in the body, and then increase the acid, so that increased rheumatism.

5, patients with diabetes mellitus

Too much sugar taken will not only aggravate the disease, and even diabetic ketoacidosis serious will happen.


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