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Seven lemon amazing usage in cooking

In addition to drink with water, what else usage is the lemon? This article will introduce seven amazing usage of the lemon in our daily life.

1, prevent the food color fade

Lemon juice is acid, so it can prevent food from oxidative browning. When do Fresh Fruit Platter, squeeze some lemon juice, which can prevent the avocado, apples, bananas and other fruit darkening. When making fruit juice by adding a slice of lemon, it is not only can protect vitamin C lost, but also let the juice to remain beautiful nature color.


2, prevent the Steamed Rice is too thick

Add a few drops of lemon juice in the electric rice cooker, so that Steamed Rice will be softer and not too much sticky. In addition, the lemon juice will make Steamed Rice with better color.

3, prevent brown sugar hardened caking

Place a small piece of lemon peel in the brown sugar, which can prevent the brown sugar caking hard and keep soft.

4, let the lettuce crisp taste better

Lettuce once lost water will easily become soft, and a little lemon juice and water can make the lettuce come back from the dead edge. Furthermore, put the lettuce leaves in the lemon water for a while, and then placed in the refrigerator for about one hour, then the crisp taste better.


5, prevent the boiled egg shell breaking

Before put eggs into bow, wash them with the lemon juice. It can not only prevent the egg shell breaking, but also make the boiled eggs are more likely to remove the shell.

6, let the meat more tender

Lemon juice is excellent substance to tender meat. Acidic lemon can highly help decomposition of meat fibers, so that it can make the beef and pork meat texture more tender.

7, ascending food taste

Lemon can make butter foods taste better, and it can also balance the seafood flavor, which can be used instead of salt seasoning.


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